About us

Family Center Mir was established in 2005 with the aim of providing professional therapeutic and psycho-social assistance to people in need. The employees at the Family Center Mir  help families, spouses, couples, children and adolescents as well as individuals. People who find themselves in a variety of difficult situations and problems such as conflict, misunderstanding, alienation, infidelity, divorce, bereavement, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, low self-esteem, loss of sense of life, feelings of loneliness, anxiety, eating disorders, problems with parenting and education turn to us. Also those who want to grow in relation to oneself, others and God come to our Center.

Therapeutic and preventive programs are based on the relational family approach, which is a deep and lasting transformation of (intergenerational) patterns of behavior, thoughts and feelings, which leads to a change in the quality of life and overall health. Relational family approach is complemented with other therapeutic approaches. It is worth entering in the process of change and liberation, as it contributes to the quality of life, to personal growth and spiritual development.

The employees of the Family Center Mir are therapists with completed specialization or scientific master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. They  are bound by concern for the welfare of the family and the desire to be close to the people in need. For a qualitative work they have an individual and group supervision, continuing professional education, and participation in congresses in Slovenia and abroad. They also cooperate with other institutions with similar programs of work and with the media in a variety of shows.

Our support covers:

–          an individual, marital and family therapy

–          expert advice and information,

–          a group for spouses

–          a therapeutic group

–          evenings for parents

–          a  group for divorced

–          a group for mothers

–          lectures and workshops on mutual relations


The mission of the Family Center Mir is to bring peace in the relationships and different life situations of our clients, to who therapists approach responsibly, professionally and with compassion. These commitments place this center in a centuries-old spiritual heritage of St. Francis of Assisi, who approached to people irrespective of their religion, ethnicity and culture.